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CubeIQ Announces Securosys 365

CubeIQ Limited
Published by D.D.Garbis in Key Management · 12 March 2021
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[ΕΝ] Athens, GR, March 12th, 2021, CubeIQ Limited, an IT company provider of software solutions and systems for financial, banking and corporate institutions announces Securosys 365, a solution for securing Microsoft® Azure® Cloud access.

Many enterprises see Microsoft 365 as a system that suits their productivity and mobility requirements. However, for some, potentially being subject to US jurisdiction through the CLOUD Act may not be an option. That is why many lawyers, government agencies, health care organizations, and other professionals still cannot use Microsoft 365.

Securosys 365 solves that dilemma. It enables you to work with Microsoft 365 office applications while ensuring the privacy you need. Using Microsoft’s new Double Key Encryption (DKE) feature, you can protect all documents with your own dedicated key. With Securosys 365, this key will always remain under your organization’s control and will be stored securely using Securosys’ CloudsHSM service.

Documents can only be viewed and accessed with both keys, much like the four-eye principle. The files remain inaccessible to any provider like Microsoft or Securosys. The combination of Securosys 365 and Microsoft DKE enables the most secure usage of the Microsoft 365 Cloud.

Securosys 365 is built on the basis of Securosys CloudsHSM and uses Securosys’ FIPS140-2 Level 3 certified Primus HSM. Securosys 365 is also available as an on premise solution that can be operated independently by customers.

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